GO Contact Sync – ??Gmail?Outlook???

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GO Contact Sync ??????????? Microsoft Outlook ? Gmail ?????????????????????



?????????? Gmail ??????

???? “Sync Profile??????” ???????????????????????????

?? “Sync Delete??????” ??????????????????????Gmail?????????Outlook????????????

“Sync Option??????” ????????????

  • Merge Prompt????????? Gmail ? Outlook ?????????????????????
  • Merge Outlook Wins????Outlook?? ?? Gmail ? Outlook ???????????? Outlook ????
  • Merge Google Wins????Gmail?? ?? Gmail ? Outlook ???????????? Gmail ????
  • Outlook To Google Only??? Google ????? Outlook ??????????? Gmail ????
  • Google To Outlook Only??? Outlook ????? Gmail ??????????? Outlook ????

?? “???Sync?” ????????????????? GO Contact Sync ?????? “Sync” ?

??????????????? “Auto Sync??????” ???????????????????

“Reset Matches??????” ?????? Outlook ? Gmail ?????????????????????????????????????????

GO Contact Sync ?????1.1MB??

???? | SourceForge?? | UUShare???????? | ?????

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  4. ????????????Blackberry google sync?????BIS??????????????????????

  5. ???Win7 X64 ?????? ????outlook 2010 ?? outlook2010???????? ??Win7?????????

  6. ???gSyncit??????????????


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